Q&A: can I send a mail in Entourage that the recipient can’t forward?

I saw this post on the Entourage product forum that has a great question about Entourage: Several corporate e-mail clients have security features that prevent Reply To All and Forwarding of e-mails if the flags are set for that message. Does Entourage have any such capability? This feature, where you can say “I don’t want…


Q&A: what’s the best way to get help with Entourage?

In my post about how you can help improve Exchange, I got the following question: What’s the best way to get specific help to issues regarding Entourage? There are plenty of options: The Entourage online help. We’ve put plenty of time and effort into making the Entourage help as awesome as it can be. If…


Q&A: how do I make Entourage:Mac my default mail application?

Via email, I was asked: How do I set Entourage to be my default mail application? There are two ways to do this: In Entourage 2008 or Entourage for Web Services, open up the Preferences. In General, click the “Set Entourage to be my default e-mail client” button. In Apple Mail, open up the Preferences,…


Q&A: Will I be able to move from Entourage to Outlook:Mac?

A question from my mail: I’ve heard that Outlook will support PSTs from Windows Outlook, but I haven’t heard anything about Entourage. Will I be able to take my Entourage data and get it into Outlook for Mac? You’re right, we’ve already announced that Outlook:Mac will import PSTs from Outlook for Windows. That doesn’t mean…


Q&A: How do I book a conference room in Entourage?

I got this one via email: How do I schedule a meeting room in Entourage? Assuming that my anonymous questioner meant “how do I schedule a meeting room in Entourage using Exchange?”, the answer is pretty simple. There are two components to this. One is something that needs to happen on the Exchange side, one…


Q&A: how do I sync my BlackBerry with Entourage?

I noticed a comment go by on twitter: Finally sat down and set up Microsoft Entourage on my iMac. I absolutely love it!! Would love it more if I could sync my blkberry though. I saw that tweet and pointed towards both Missing Sync and the BlackBerry Desktop for Mac. In doing some more research,…


year in review

If the boss can write a retrospective, so can I. 🙂 2009 has been an Entourage-filled year for me. At Macworld 2009 in January, we announced Entourage for Web Services. While EWS didn’t get a lot of UI touches, I still got to make some UX improvements, especially with regards to perceived performance. The public…


Q&A: which version of Entourage should I use with Exchange?

I got this one via email: My company is about to give Exchange accounts to everyone. I have heard that I need a special version of Entourage. What do I do? Since the questioner didn’t use a valid email address, I can’t respond to ask for more details. Remember, folks: if you email me, don’t…


Macworld Expo 2010 session: Administering Macs in Exchange 2007/2003

I’m giving a talk at Macworld 2010: Administrating Macs in Exchange 2007/2003. This session will cover best practices for Entourage in an Exchange environment, and include tips and how-tos for Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007. This will include troubleshooting, and tips for how to best set up Outlook Web Access (OWA) for Mac users. Since…


Q&A: how do I move data from Access onto my Mac?

Via the open question thread: I’m about to buy a Macbook as my main computer. But I also use Access a lot, especially the mail-merge function (Word/Access). I’ve read your comments in MacRumors about the likelihood of Microsoft creating Access for Macintosh. What do you recommend instead? It depends on what you’re doing with Access….