another taste of Office:Mac 2011

Today, my team has released another video about Office:Mac 2011.  This time, it stars one of my absolute favourite people: Kurt Schmucker, our evangelist.  Kurt's one of the smartest and nicest guys you could ever hope to meet.  So watch the video:


In the video, Kurt shows off sparklines and pivot table improvements in Excel, and our new image editing (the background removal is especially useful!).   

There's lots more details about the suite to come in the following weeks as we lead up to our late October launch.  My favourites haven't yet been announced, so there's still a lot of awesomeness forthcoming ... 

Comments (3)

  1. So you'll be in the Outlook video then?

  2. Enterprise Mac User (for not longer) says:

    This shows you how out of touch you yuppies are when it comes to real work documents. These videos don't demonstrate how the Mac Office has the equivalent featuresets to the Windows Office, yet again!

    Why should I wait to get the software? I'd rather "borrow" if somewhere on some filesharing site because the Mac Office isn't worth a dime when it comes to you yuppies screwing around 40 hours a week.

    This is a joke for the last Decade – of treating hard working corporate Mac users like they are a third class! Third Class if you can't read!

    I think I'll be retiring from doing computer or office work now.

    Thanks Microsoft's Mac Division for killing a much desperate needed suite by focusing on sex appeal first than featuresets! Big thank you!

  3. Let me get this straight … you're complaining that we're not "demonstrat[ing] how the Mac Office has the equivalent featuresets to the Windows Office" on a video where we're talking about sparklines (introduced in Excel 2010 for Windows) and pivot tables (also picking up the improvements from Excel 2010)?  And while I like sparklines and all, I'm not sure that I would say that they have "sex appeal".  

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