Office:Mac 2008 (12.2.6) and Office:Mac 2004 (11.6.0) updates available now

Update Tuesday is here!  

The latest and greatest version of Office:Mac 2008 is 12.2.6.  It's got security, performance, and stability enhancements across the board.  If you're using Entourage for Web Services, the updater for Office:Mac 2008 will also update you to 13.0.6.  The Knowledge Base article for the update has all of the details.  Office:Mac 2004 is now version 11.6.0, and it's got security improvements.  It's got its own Knowledge Base article, too.  Both of these updates are roll-up updates, and include all of the previous updates.  Since we had revved our update engines we also updated the Open XML File Format Converter to version 1.1.6, with security enhancements.  Its Knowledge Base article is here.

All updates are available on the Mactopia download page.  You can also go to the Help menu of any Office application and select "Check for Updates".  

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  1. Jeremy K says:

    I noticed when pushing the 2008 update out via ARD that it's HUGE – almost 800MB! It has two copies of the "binaries" directory inside its resources – one called "regular" and one called "tnb." Can I safely delete one of these if all of my clients are running the exact same VLK (education) installation of Office? Which one should I keep for my version of Office?

  2. You can keep the regular one.

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