Office:Mac 2011 will hit store shelves in October

It's been a hugely busy few weeks for me, but I have to pop in to share a couple of things about Office:Mac 2011.  It will be available in late October, which is right in line with our earlier statements that we'd be out in time for your holiday shopping pleasure this year.  For more details about our versions and pricing, check out our blog post on Mac Mojo.

We've created a video to share some more details about what you'll see in Office:Mac.  Starring in the video are members of my team!  It's pretty cool to see people with whom I work every day talking about our apps.  We'll be sharing more details about Office:Mac 2011 in the upcoming weeks, but this is a nice little taste ...

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  1. Peter says:

    That extra charge for Outlook is a bit frustrating.

  2. Max says:

    Where was the video filmed?

  3. It was filmed at Microsoft.

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