Office:Mac usability study participants needed for studies beginning in September

Office:Mac 2011 is hitting store shelves in October.  In conjunction with our release, my user experience team will conduct multiple research studies about the new applications to track their usage and usability over time.  Since I have several big studies coming up, I need a lot of new participants! For all of my upcoming studies,…


another taste of Office:Mac 2011

Today, my team has released another video about Office:Mac 2011.  This time, it stars one of my absolute favourite people: Kurt Schmucker, our evangelist.  Kurt’s one of the smartest and nicest guys you could ever hope to meet.  So watch the video: [View:] In the video, Kurt shows off sparklines and pivot table improvements in…


relaxed, funny, and quirky

Summer is always intern season at Microsoft.  This year, all nine women in the Brown University CS programme interned at Microsoft.  In MacBU, we get lots of interns too, and we got one of those Brown ladies this year.  Here’s what our Brown intern, Nell Elliott, had to say about her experiences here: Elliott interviewed…

Office:Mac 2008 (12.2.6) and Office:Mac 2004 (11.6.0) updates available now

Update Tuesday is here!   The latest and greatest version of Office:Mac 2008 is 12.2.6.  It’s got security, performance, and stability enhancements across the board.  If you’re using Entourage for Web Services, the updater for Office:Mac 2008 will also update you to 13.0.6.  The Knowledge Base article for the update has all of the details….


what’s on your Office:Mac to-do list?

For those of you who aren’t following Mac Mojo, the MacBU team blog, or following us on twitter @officemac, you’ve been missing out on a chance to win a customised colour Macbook and a copy of Office:Mac 2011 when it’s released[1].  We’re asking a series of questions in our blog about your usage of Office:Mac.  Respond…


Office:Mac 2011 will hit store shelves in October

It’s been a hugely busy few weeks for me, but I have to pop in to share a couple of things about Office:Mac 2011.  It will be available in late October, which is right in line with our earlier statements that we’d be out in time for your holiday shopping pleasure this year.  For more…