PowerPoint is not the right tool for every job

I've got a post up over at Mac Mojo today: PowerPoint is not the right tool for every job.

For my committed readers, I'll tell you that I had a hard time naming this post. Here are the rejected titles:

  • we have met the enemy, and he is bad PowerPoint
  • some problems in the world can't be expressed in PowerPoint
  • if you've only got a PowerPoint hammer, everything looks like a presentation nail
  • your spaghetti dinner got beaten up by a rainbow
  • use the right tool for every job, and you won't become one (this suggestion courtesy of Rick Schaut, who might even actually blog again before the end of eternity)
Comments (1)

  1. R. Mansfield says:

    I like the third alternative title 🙂

    Please tell Rick Schaut to start blogging again. His posts were so good. The stuff on the history of MacWord was especially interesting. I still have the page bookmarked and check in every now and then, but he hasn’t blogged in OVER TWO YEARS.

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