Q&A: can I send a mail in Entourage that the recipient can’t forward?

I saw this post on the Entourage product forum that has a great question about Entourage: Several corporate e-mail clients have security features that prevent Reply To All and Forwarding of e-mails if the flags are set for that message. Does Entourage have any such capability? This feature, where you can say “I don’t want…


PowerPoint is not the right tool for every job — and that’s perfectly okay

When I wrote my PowerPoint is not the right tool for every job post last week for Mac Mojo, I knew that it was only a matter of time before someone would read it and crow about it. I just wasn’t sure who would be the first. The Apple Core blog at ZDNet didn’t disappoint….


Q&A: what’s the best way to get help with Entourage?

In my post about how you can help improve Exchange, I got the following question: What’s the best way to get specific help to issues regarding Entourage? There are plenty of options: The Entourage online help. We’ve put plenty of time and effort into making the Entourage help as awesome as it can be. If…


PowerPoint is not the right tool for every job

I’ve got a post up over at Mac Mojo today: PowerPoint is not the right tool for every job. For my committed readers, I’ll tell you that I had a hard time naming this post. Here are the rejected titles: we have met the enemy, and he is bad PowerPoint some problems in the world…


airport reflections

I’ve been travelling a lot lately, spending plenty of time in various airports across the US. It’s given me too much time to reflect on the experience of flying. Every decision of the airlines has some kind of repercussion on those of us who get on airplanes. Most of them make the act of actually…


help improve Exchange

Paul Robichaux, one of the Exchange MVPs, has a great blog post about Exchange and the Customer Experience Improvement Program. As with many other Microsoft products, Exchange allows users to submit totally anonymous data. This data is then analysed and used to help identify areas for improvement in future versions. Paul’s post details some of…