Q&A: Will I be able to move from Entourage to Outlook:Mac?

A question from my mail:

I've heard that Outlook will support PSTs from Windows Outlook, but I haven't heard anything about Entourage. Will I be able to take my Entourage data and get it into Outlook for Mac?

You're right, we've already announced that Outlook:Mac will import PSTs from Outlook for Windows. That doesn't mean that we've left our existing Entourage users high and dry. You'll be able to move all of your existing information from Entourage into Outlook:Mac.

We'll be sharing more details about Outlook:Mac and the rest of the suite in the upcoming months. Watch here and in Mac Mojo as we start talking more about what's coming in Office:Mac 2011. We've got a lot to share with you, and I can't wait until I can finally start talking about it!

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  1. Randy says:

    I noticed that you said "Import" PSTs from Outlook for Windows. Are you guys really doing this? I’m extremely surprised that Outlook:Mac won’t read and use the same PST file format as Outlook for Windows, similar to other Office products (e.g., docx, xlsx).

    So if you’re really forcing folks to Import, then I assume you provide same support in other direction as well (export to Outlook for Windows PST format)?

  2. Steven says:

    "You will be able to move all your existing information from Entourage into Outook:Mac"

    Will Entourage specific features like Project Center be kept or dropped?

    I’ve searched the internet and the closest I get is <http://www.eggheadcafe.com/software/aspnet/35816527/outlook-for-mac-2010.aspx&gt; It’s not mentioned at <http://www.9to5mac.com/MacBU-Office-2010&gt;

    The last time you mentioned Project Center was in 2008 <http://blogs.msdn.com/nadyne/archive/2008/08/28/questions-for-you-entourage-users.aspx&gt; There are several users asking about it at <http://www.officeformac.com/.59b7a1cc&gt;

  3. I’m sorry, but I can’t yet answer questions about specific features.  When I’m able to do so, I will.  

  4. Steven says:


    I’m on a campus that is having a forced march to exchange this fall. So I’m getting my ducks in a row about updating our department on options.

    It’s been my unhappy discovery that the published possibilities for -reinstalling and updating Office 2008 no longer work right.  If you have a previous installtion of Office 2008 and need to reinstall to add Entourage you cannot simply re-install Office 2008 and run updates and then install the EWS version.

    Through experimentation I found this possible steps:

    You have to:

    • delete /Library/Application Support/Microsoft

    • backup/rename ~/Documents/Microsoft User Documents

    • delete /Applications/Microsoft Office 2008

    • delete /Library/Receipts/ (anything mentioning Office 2008)

    and possibly not have secondary drives/partitions mounted.

    then you can re-install Office 2008 and run updates and add the manual EWS update. And we’re talking > 1 GB of updates. Per machine. Got any Enterprise tools? How about a tool that lets you combine released updates into one massive file? I know about ARD but that still presents challenges.

  5. Steven says:

    Also doing the "Remove Office" app (not just the original version from the trial installs) wont remove office enough for the installer to work followed by the updates (the original installer works but again the updates object) which brings us back to the above deletions.

    The situation might be different with an updated version of the Office installer (I understand it now installs directly to 12.2.2.)

  6. tim says:

    I have seen a beta of Mac Outlook 2011. [… the rest of this comment was removed by the blog owner]

  7. Jeff says:

    I know this is not the newest post, but hopefully you will see this.  I figure that since you work for MS and maybe working on Office I can mention this.

    I actually like Entourage but cannot wait for Outlook for Mac.  There are a few things that I think would be nice.

    1. I keep my email open but hidden all the time, but I don’t open up the window all the time.  It would be extremely nice to have a small Badge on the dock icon saying if a new unread message arrived.

    2. This isn’t really important and may not be possible without over cluttering the icon.  But I love the fact that iCal shows the correct date in it’s icon.  It would be nice to have the Outlook icon have the date.  Again, it maybe difficult to do without cluttering up the icon.

    3. Make the application more streamline and simple, but still provide it with customization of the interface.

    As you can probably tell I really like the Mac’s application’s look.  But I love your application’s power and single screen integration.  And I LOVE the projects feature.  I hope you guys keep that in.

    I hope you don’t mind me making those suggestions on your blog.  Now I need to find a blog like this for "Major Nelson" or another MS Xbox live employee so that I can annoy them with more of my golden suggestions 😛

  8. I’m behind in responding to comments (sorry, been on the road!), so let’s get a few of these done …

    Steven – If I’m reading you right, you originally did a custom installation of Office:Mac 2008 that did not include Entourage.  Now you’d like to install Entourage for Web Services.  The steps that you’ve outlined are mostly correct — there shouldn’t be any repercussions if you have additional drives/partitions mounted.  For updates, you shouldn’t have to go through too many steps.  Since you mention enterprise, can I assume that you’ve got a volume license?  In that case, just go to your VL and get the latest bits – I believe that VL will give you either 12.2.3 or 12.2.4, and then you can install Entourage for Web Services 13.0.4 once you’ve got the latest and greatest Office 2008 updates.

    tim – If you’re on the beta, you know that there is an NDA in place.  I’ve edited your comment to remove the pieces where you violated the NDA.  Please enter any comments that you have about the beta into Connect and not as a blog comment here.  

    Jeff – Major Nelson (who, I must add, is one of the nicest guys in the world) does have a blog: http://majornelson.com/

    In the future, the best way to make suggestions is via our official suggestion box.  In any Office 2008 app, go to Help -> Send Feedback.  That way, it gets aggregated with all of our other feedback, and doesn’t rely on my ever-faulty memory.  When you submit feedback, be verbose about what you want and why you want it.  For example, "make the application more streamline and simple" isn’t verbose at all, and doesn’t give me any information about what you want. 🙂  

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