Messenger:Mac v8 beta is here!

Today's a big day for us here in MacBU: Messenger:Mac v8, which brings audio and video support to personal users of Messenger, is now in public beta. You can download it from Mactopia. One of my colleagues has written a blog post giving lots of details about it over on Mac Mojo, so head over there to learn more.

Personally, I've been using internal builds of Messenger v8 for months, and it's been quite nice. I've got friends and family scattered all over the world, and being able to do video chats in Messenger helps keep us connected.

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  1. John Wayne says:

    2 GB RAM? Nooooooooo, too much as a minimum!


    Bye bye Messenger 8 Mac, then.

    I have 1 GB RAM, iMac 17".

  2. Charlie says:

    Download and try… sound and video working perfectly. Many thanks!

  3. Jordan Craig says:

    When might the known issues be addressed? Specifically, I am referencing section 2.3 outlining that you cannot make audio / video calls on certain network connections.

    Due to the network I am using, I have no control over the firewall. However, when I am using the latest Windows Live Messenger under Windows I am able to initiate webcam sessions with my contacts – not the case for the latest beta for Mac.

    This is inconvenient for me and I’m just wondering if it’s just an issue that hasn’t been fixed yet – I would expect both applications to work in the same manner.

  4. Matías says:

    Nice … but it’s full of bugs =/ I’ll wait for the full version so I can have my Display pictures back and the custom emoticons 🙂

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