Q&A: Why is it Office:Mac 2011 if it’s coming out this year?

I got this one via email, and I've seen variants of it elsewhere:

i thought office was coming out this year, why is the name of it office 2011?

Our naming is like that of cars: if it comes out in the first half of the year, it gets that year; if it comes out in the second half of the year, it's the next year. The next version of Office:Mac is coming out for the holidays this year, so that's Office:Mac 2011.

Comments (2)

  1. Charlie says:

    hummmm, and now for Messenger A/V… where’s the beta?

  2. R. Mansfield says:

    Nadyne, I would also imagine there’s a very practical use for this, too, in distinguishing the Windows and Mac versions. 2010 is Windows; 2011 is Mac.

    I love it when I make reference to Mac:Office 2008 and a Windows user will try to correct me: "Don’t you mean Office 2007?" To that I can reply, "No, the Mac version is 2008. Do you mean to tell me you don’t have the most current version of Microsoft Office?"

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