Q&A: how do I sync my BlackBerry with Entourage?

I noticed a comment go by on twitter:

Finally sat down and set up Microsoft Entourage on my iMac. I absolutely love it!! Would love it more if I could sync my blkberry though.

I saw that tweet and pointed towards both Missing Sync and the BlackBerry Desktop for Mac. In doing some more research, she found that the folks at BlackBerry describe using BlackBerry Desktop Manager version 1.0 to synchronize a BlackBerry smartphone with Microsoft Entourage on a Mac computer.

Looking over their instructions from my perspective on the Entourage side of the fence, it looks mostly in order. They do say that "By default, Sync Services is not installed within Microsoft Entourage 2004", which isn't quite accurate. Entourage 2004 came out before Sync Services was part of OS X, so we added support to it in a service pack. So long as you're using Entourage 2004 SP2 (11.2) or later, support for Sync Services is included, and you won't need to do anything special to install it. You'll just enable it as indicated in the screenshot in the BlackBerry link above, which is the same way that you do so in Entourage 2008 or Entourage for Web Services.

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  1. Kelvin Ng says:

    Missing Sync is no longer officially supported by RIM anymore. Users are highly recommended to download and use BB Desktop Manager for Mac.

    Additionally, if users are using their BlackBerry for Enterprise (BES) rather than just as a consumer (BIS), then they won’t even need BlackBerry Desktop Manager for syncing between BlackBerry and Entourage. They would be syncing wirelessly over the air, through the BES, which would be connected to their Exchange account =)

    Well, anyways, there are still a lot of consumers who use Macs + Exchange (and thus, Entourage), but I really do wonder what’s going to happen once Outlook for Mac comes out…. Hopefully there won’t be too many changes required on MS, Apple, and RIM’s side. This is assuming that everything plays nice with Sync Services – including Apple’s own apps.

  2. QT Ancajas says:

    The old version of Pocketmac Blackberry worked far better but now I can’t download the older version anymore. version tracker keeps going to the new version. This new version when I "sync" it with my BB resulted in:


    – Contact names and phone numbers, company names etc were all messed up and mixed around. First and last names were in the First name field and last names of other ppl were in the last name field. Same with company names and emails, they were all mixed up in other ppl’s contact information.


    – After the first sync where I had doubled SOME, not all of the events, subsequent 2-way syncs did not work at all. My events that I created on my BB did not go to my macbook and vice versa. So no syncing no matter how many times or how many ways I tried

    Operating System

    MAC OS 10.5.8

    Entourage 2007

    using a BB 8830 World Edition

    Can someone please please help me???

    I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing the new version of BB desktop mgr for Mac, and it still doesn’t sync well. It reads that it is connected. It reads that it has a mass media storage card. But it just doesn’t do 1 one or 2 way sync.

    I’ve also tried restarting my BB by taking out the battery and putting it back.

    Please help!!

    Thank you so much

  3. Missing Sync is still supporting Blackberry devices; we’re working to get out some fixes in an upcoming update as well. RIM never "officially supported" us – we’re our own product – the previous poster may have been thinking about PocketMac.

    As for Entourage sync – be aware – there are a good number of open bugs that we’ve filed with Microsoft some time ago (coming up on two years, I think) that will *definitely* impact the experience of someone trying to synchronize their BB using any of the aforementioned sync products.

  4. Kelvin Ng says:

    Brian: Yes, sorry, I meant PocketMac, which was officially supported by RIM, but then replaced by BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac

  5. Mike says:

    I am going to I Phone…I am sick of the issues between Entourage and Blackberry….Total incompetence on the part of Blackberry to not offer a Desktop system that works with Mac….

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