the big boss reviews 2009

Eric Wilfrid, the general manager of MacBU, has posted over at Mac Mojo his year-end round-up: 2009 in review. For those of you who were looking for an update about Messenger:Mac, his post includes that.

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  1. cax says:

    Sorry but I don’t buy that

    "progress has been slower than expected due to the challenge of connecting to the most current A/V code running on the Windows Live servers"

    Why not just saying it is NOT a priority.


  2. I can’t force you to believe it.  I can only tell you that it’s been a hugely important priority for the Messenger team, and that getting that to work cross-platform has turned out to be a bigger challenge than they expected.  

  3. Gabe says:

    So is MacBU planning on adding more features and change the interface a little or is it going to be pretty much like that "early beta" that leaked in the beginning of the year?

    And thanks for all the work!

  4. Sorry, I can’t talk about what will be in Messenger other than what we’ve already announced (which is personal A/V support).  I’ll definitely do so when I can, since I’m dogfooding it right now.

  5. MacManX says:

    Since the beta won’t be available until March – will there be a bug fix for 7.0.2?

    There are a number of annoying bugs at the moment.

    – Other users display pic not showing

    – Nickname changes back to name or e-mail address

    – Slow file transfers

    – Blocking/unblocking/deleting a user does not always work

  6. Stefano says:

    Are the "winks" (called "animoticons" in the italian version, maybe in other versions as well) going to be included in the next version of Messenger:Mac?

    Just to catch up with the Windows version.

    I hope so, otherwise it will never be 100% compatible.

    Thank you!

  7. Franchex says:

    Well,  I was really expecting an update or a beta of Messenger but is it quite good to hear some news. Hope the wait worth it


  8. Jasins says:

    Just that: Offline messages or not?

    This is making messenger (even the leaked early beta) UNUSABLE!

  9. Jasins says:

    And how can he blame the video and audio incompability if even the year-old leaked beta has it working till nowadays?

  10. Charlie says:

    After 5 years… another lie, simply!

  11. Yannick says:

    I sure hope it has a new interface… The current one is ugly, old, bulky and did I mention… ugly?

  12. Josh says:

    C´mon!!!!! In the time you couldn´t deliver a decent IM client, Apple got several OPERATING SYSTEMS! (Not to mention program suites like ILife or iWork)… not counting the fact they are a HARDWARE company.

    Seriously, they don´t need the "Mac vs. Pc" campaign to make people run away from Windows filled machines (PCs, that is)… while having Microsoft behind them.

  13. MacManX says:

    A bug fix is badly needed. I have encountered yet another bug in Messenger:Mac 7.0.2

    When I log in, the contact list remains empty, as if all my contacts were offline (I know they’re not) and after about ten seconds i get logged out again.

    I have not been able to log in at all for a while now.

    Using WLM under Windows – or a clone like aMSN does work, but not Messenger:Mac 7.0.2

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