Q&A: how do I see free/busy information in Entourage:Mac?

From my open question thread:

I use Entourage to connect to our 2003 Exchange server via the webserver. What do I need to do to get it to see Free/Busy?

For Exchange 2003 (as well as Exchange 2000), free/busy information is stored in the public folder server. Open up your Entourage account settings (go to the Entourage menu and select "account settings"), then go to the Advanced tab and enter your public folder server. Your Exchange admin should be able to tell you what to fill in here.

For additional information about this, there's some great resources:

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  1. Lee Calcote says:


    Right on. In case a pictorial version of your instructions helps folks, I put one up here – http://blog.gingergeek.com/2009/11/troubleshooting-freebusy-times-in-microsoft-entourage/


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