Office:Mac 2008 12.2.3, Entourage for Web Services 13.0.3, Office 2004 11.5.6 available today

Update Tuesday is here, and we've got lots of updates!

Office:Mac 2008 12.2.3 brings stability and security improvements across the suite. Excel gets some more improvements to pivot tables. Entourage has an updated junk mail filter. Document Connection has a bunch of updates, including a bunch of UI improvements and updates some keyboard shortcuts. Complete information about the update is available in the Office 2008 12.2.3 knowledge base article.

Entourage for Web Services 13.0.3 has stability and security improvements, as well as that spiffy new junk mail filter. If you're already using Entourage for Web Services, you should apply the Office 2008 12.2.3 update: it will also update EWS. If you're not already using Entourage for Web Services, then you'll just download the whole package of 13.0.3, and you'll be all set.

Office:Mac 2004 11.5.6 has security improvements across the suite. Complete information about the update is available in the Office 2004 11.5.6 knowledge base article.

Along with all of these updates, the Open XML File Format Converter for Mac 1.1.3 supports the latest changes to the file format. More information about the update is available in its knowledge base article.

You can download the updates by going to the Help menu in any Office application and selecting "Check for Updates" (or by letting it check automatically, which is its default behaviour). If you prefer, you can manually download the updates from Mactopia.

Updated at 12:09pm on 11 November 2009 to correct the instructions for updating Entourage for Web Services.

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  1. Joel Donaldson says:

    I can’t get 13.0.3 to install.  Tells me that there isn’t a supported version of Office installed.  I have gone back and installed 12.2.3, but still get the same message.  It is like it is not checking again.

  2. Try rebooting.  We’ve occasionally seen a problem where a temp file isn’t cleared out when you install updates back-to-back.  

  3. Richard says:

    I bet you can’t go to 13.03 without having 13.0.0 (WSE) installed. Have you done that first? Of course if you have the WSE beta still, then no update will install.

  4. Alan Baker says:


    Has the issue where EWS won’t work properly with an identity on a network home folder been fixed?


    who along with gbaker can be found at

  5. Philip Roy says:

    I registered at Mactopia but can’t seem to get the site to send a verification email….nothing turns up, despite trying 3 different email addresses and checking server spam filters.

    Anyway, I can’t get the 13.0.3 update to update my version of Office 2008 that has the 13.0.0 web services update applied. It just sits there saying it can’t find a valid version to apply the update to?



  6. The 13.0.3 update for Entourage for Web Services is included in the Office 2008 12.2.3 update.  Apply that update, and then open the About box for Entourage — it should show that it’s all updated.  

    If you don’t have Entourage for Web Services yet, the download for it will take you all the way to 13.0.3.  

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