Microsoft’s Silicon Valley Campus is ten years old

I noticed an article on Internet News today: Microsoft’s other campus celebrates year ten. Hey, that’s my campus! The article focuses largely on the folks here who work for Microsoft Research, but it skips over plenty of other interesting groups on campus. There’s my part of the Macintosh Business Unit here, where we develop PowerPoint,…


Q&A: how do I become a beta tester for Microsoft’s Mac applications?

From the open question thread comes this question: How do you get into testing Microsoft-Mac software, I have beta tested many Windows programs and was even in the “Butterfly” program. Well, you’re ahead of me, since I have no idea what the Butterfly program is. 🙂 There are two flavours of beta: public and private….


Q&A: are you going to stop making Mac apps?

Inspired by the open question thread, someone emailed me this one: your 5-year agreement with apple expires soon, and ive heard that you’ll stop making mac apps when it expires, is this true? This rumour, like so many others in Apple circles, is a perennial favourite. It pops up pretty frequently, and I can’t imagine…


Q&A: how do I move data from Access onto my Mac?

Via the open question thread: I’m about to buy a Macbook as my main computer. But I also use Access a lot, especially the mail-merge function (Word/Access). I’ve read your comments in MacRumors about the likelihood of Microsoft creating Access for Macintosh. What do you recommend instead? It depends on what you’re doing with Access….


Q&A: how do I fix the "Unable to establish a secure connection …" issue in Entourage:Mac?

From my open question thread: When opening my inbox from an Exchange 2007 SP1 server with Entourage 12.2.3 I get a dialog saying “Unable to establish a secure connection to because the correct root certificate is not installed.” There’s a few things that you can do to get rid of this dialog. One option…


Q&A: how do I see free/busy information in Entourage:Mac?

From my open question thread: I use Entourage to connect to our 2003 Exchange server via the webserver. What do I need to do to get it to see Free/Busy? For Exchange 2003 (as well as Exchange 2000), free/busy information is stored in the public folder server. Open up your Entourage account settings (go to…


Q&A: What kind of computers do you use in MacBU and Microsoft?

In response to my open question thread, I got this question: do they force you to use PCs ? if yes what kind of machine do you have ? and what kind of Macs also ? and if not, what about MS employees outside the MacBU ? can they choose to use a Mac (with…


open question and answer thread

I haven’t done one of these in awhile, and it’s a quiet week, so … If you’ve got a question for me, go on and ask it.  If I’ve got an answer, I’ll share it.  If I don’t have an answer (either I don’t know or can’t say), then I’ll tell you that too.  Questions…


thinking about the new MacBook

I’ve been using my new MacBook for awhile now, and there’s one thing that completely annoys me: the trackpad.  I’ve spent quite a lot of time messing about with the preferences, and I still find myself having difficulty using it.  The problem is in fine movement.  If I care about just nudging the cursor a…