Live Mesh now supports Snow Leopard

My friends over on the Live Mesh team have a great announcement today: Snow Leopard support now available. Yay!


how the Office for Windows team designs for their users

My colleagues over on the Office for Windows team have a new blog: Microsoft Office 2010 Engineering. They’re publishing plenty of details about Office 2010 for Windows. Last week, a member of the Office Design Group posted an introduction to the work that their team does, titled designing with customers in mind. They’ve got some…


Office:Mac 2004 support has been extended

In response to requests from our users, we have extended the Mainstream Support for Office 2004. It was originally scheduled to end on 13 October 2009. It will now end on 10 January 2012. For users who rely on the VBA support that is found in Office 2004, this will allow a seamless transition from…


four years!

I have now been with MacBU, and Microsoft, for four years. I never intended to work for Microsoft. I got pinged from a recruiter who found my profile on the MacRumors forums, and I chatted with him because I think you should at least peek through the door when opportunity knocks. I approached the interview…