women needed for Outlook:Mac study

As I work on my next Outlook:Mac study, I've noticed a trend: all of the people who have agreed to come in for it are men. I could use some fellow women to come in and participate in a usability study as well.

To recap: Outlook is coming to the Mac, and my team is conducting a usability study the week of October 12 in the San Francisco Bay Area (Mountain View, to be specific). I need some ladies who meet the following criteria:

  • use a Mac for work purposes
  • connect to an Exchange account
  • use mail for work purposes several times per week
  • use the calendar for work purposes several times per week

If you meet these criteria, are in the Bay Area, and are available the week of October 12, please contact me with your name, email address, and phone number. I'll pass your information along to my recruiting assistant, who will call or email you to ask you a few additional questions and hopefully get you scheduled to come in. If you do participate in my study, don't forget that you'll have to sign a non-disclosure agreement, so the only thing that you'll be able to tell other people is that yes, you have seen an early version of Outlook:Mac.

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  1. Katie Finfrock says:

    My mom sent me this link (Winnie Wilson), unfortunately I am not in the Bay area, I am in Hawaii. I am a MAC user, and I would love to see outlook on a MAC – I am currently trying to convince my supervisors to switch from PC’s to Mac’s.

    I wish you luck in this study!

    Aloha and have a great day!

    Katie Finfrock

  2. I don’t live in CA (in Boston, MA) but work with Outlook via entourage to connect with Exchange on our server for 12 hours a day, EVERY DAY organizing the work and personal lives of our CEO, CCO, CCO and others.  I have TONS of issues/wishes/things I love/things I hate …

    Any chance I could participate remotely?????? Or at least share some of my frustrations or wishes?

    If I could contribute toward a fabulous release of an incredibly helpful Outlook for Mac I’d be SO HAPPY!

  3. Jessica – Sorry, I can’t do remote sessions for this.  But please do feel free to post here and tell me whatever you’d like to share. 🙂

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