the case for Entourage:Mac on Snow Leopard

I've been completely heads-down on working on Outlook:Mac recently, but this article from John C. Welch writing for Macworld caught my eye: the case for Entourage on Snow Leopard.

There's lots of detail in there, but the conclusion is what warms my heart:

Entourage is the clear winner

Booyah, baby! And just wait until Outlook:Mac hits the shelves with its all-Cocoa interface, faster database that's Time Machine friendly, and IRM support. There's also [redacted], [redacted], and (my personal favourite) [redacted] support too. You ain't seen nothin' yet. 😀

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  1. Rashad says:

    I saw your comments elsewhere trying to help someone with connecting their MAC to exchange, and how that differs from iPhone. Problem is this: my company’s exchange server sits behind a firewall, so I need to be on the VPN when I’m working from home to access exchange. Alternatively, I can use OWA to access it. The iPhone has activesync built in, so it can access and sync with Exchange even from outside the firewall.  Can Entourage do the same? i.e. sync with exchange like iPhone does without being on the VPN? Reason I need this is our IT folks refuse to configure the VPN on a MAC, which is what I use at home.

  2. If your Exchange server is behind the firewall, then you’ll need to configure your VPN so that Entourage can access your mail from home.

    Using the OS X built-in VPN client will usually work, you just need to get the server settings for it.  If your IT guys won’t configure it for you, you can get the settings and find a friendly local Mac guy who can help you out.  Alternately, if you post to a help list like the Entourage public forums, someone there might be able to walk you through it.  The Entourage public forums are here:

  3. eponymous_coward says:

    I’d really like it if Hotmail didn’t blow goats. POP? Really? That’s an efficient way to manage YEARS of email I’ve left on a server?

    Oh, but never fear, Microsoft has this super-duper proprietary connection protocol for email, that will eventually come to Mac users after it shows up in Windows for a while, because, well, we all know how this show works. Just because very OTHER email provider uses IMAP for stuff like this (MobileMe, Gmail)… well, we’re Microsoft. We’re Special™. We can’t possibly be bothered to use good interoperable protocols that are platform-neutral, can we? So piss off and go use your POP client to download a few gigs of email.

    It’s pretty frustrating being a Mac user using Microsoft products: you know you’re a second-class citizen (no Zune for you!), and you know product teams (like Hotmail) will make their design decisions without taking you into account. It’s like being Charlie Brown trying to kick the football Lucy’s holding- you know that someday, some unit of Microsoft will go "Mac users? Bah, rounding error, and screw them, they don’t buy Windows" and hose you once again.

  4. eponymous! You haven’t posted comments here in ages. 🙂

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