Office 2008 Business Edition available today

Today, we have released Office:Mac 2008 Business Edition. Business Edition will join its little brother Home and Student Edition on store shelves worldwide.

Business Edition packages together Office 2008 SP2, Entourage for Web Services, Document Connection for Mac, lots of new templates and clip art, and some awesome training. For more details about the release, my colleague Pat posted something to Mac Mojo today: The MacBU Means Business (Edition)!

If you haven't yet upgraded to Office 2008, Business Edition is a great reason to do so. You can buy it at your friendly local Apple store, online at Amazon, or digital download from us.

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  1. GDI_Beavis says:

    Is there an upgrade path from Office 2008?  If so why not?  It seems silly that Office 2004 users can upgrade but Office 2008 users cannot.

  2. GDI_Beavis says:

    I just noticed that Microsoft has a Web Services Edition which is a free update for Office 2008.  This updates the Microsoft Entourage to be better compatable with Microsoft Exchange Server.

  3. What pieces of Business Edition are you looking for?  What version of Office 2008 do you have now, and how did you get it (retail, volume license, … )?

    If you’re just interested in Entourage for Web Services, first make sure that you’re using Exchange 2007 SP1 RU4 or later.  If you are using the right version of Exchange, and if your current edition of Office 2008 is NOT Home and Student Edition (which didn’t include Exchange support), then you can download Entourage for Web Services for free.  More information about that is in this prior blog post of mine (which I linked to in this post):

  4. GDI_Beavis says:

    I have the MS Office 2008 (Volume license not Home or Student) and I noticed that Microsoft released the new Office 2008 Business version.  I then noticed that the "upgrade eligibility" for the new version was Office 98-2004 and Office 2008 for Mac editions do not qualify for upgrade pricing.  I was confused by this.  Then I found the Web Services update for Entourage.

    Now I can see all of my notes and tasks that I couldn’t see before.

    So users need to be aware that they don’t have to spend $399 for the business version, if they already have the Office 2008 with an Exchange Server.

  5. So far, we haven’t seen any confusion about that, but it’s something we’re keeping an eye on.  We released Entourage for Web Services before Business Edition was released, which has mostly taken care of that. 🙂

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