an admission

Okay, I admit it. I haven't installed Snow Leopard yet, not on my main computer. I know, I know, I'm a bad Mac girl. I know. It's running on my second box in my office, but not on the computer that I use for everything all the time.

Do I have to turn in my fangirl card if I don't have it installed within the first week of release? 🙁

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  1. Ben K says:

    Is this an oblique dig at the reputation of your company’s own operating system releases, and the public’s general [lack of] immediate adoption?

    If so: heh.

    (If not: what is your point?)


  2. My point was to say that I’m a bad fangirl. 🙂

    I have to admit that I have no idea how Apple’s OS adoption rates compare to Microsoft’s OS adoption rates.  I’ve heard anecdotally about users being slow to upgrade to Vista, but I don’t know what the actual numbers look like.  Additionally, given that the Windows team has continued to add features to XP via service packs (according to Wikipedia, SP3 was released in April 2008 and included new features and features backported from Vista), whereas Apple doesn’t add new features to an existing OS when the new OS has been released, I’m not sure how valid the comparison would be anyway.  

  3. Steven R says:

    Installed on 28th august, it fixed Leopard’s problems (slow repair permissions, wrong GUID when installed from Tiger to Leopard, "unknown" user in file info window).

    I recommend an immediate upgrade, Nadyne.


    You’re missing a lot of useful fixes.

    New scanner dedicated section and many more…

    64-bit System Preference Pane and not only that one, you notice it’s 64-bit if you have the Flip 4 Mac installed which is 32-bit and it asks you to reopen the panel in 32 bits…

    Hint: suggest your colleagues of the Flip4Mac WMV plugin to make it 64 bits, eheheh!

    The only thing is to re-update the Adobe Flash Player plugin to the latest version because Snow Leopard overrides yours and installs an old version automatically.

    Don’t be afraid, 45 minutes to install and you get it.


  4. Oh, it’s not about being worried, just that I haven’t had long enough to take my computer out of commission to do it.

    It’ll be longer than 45 minutes, anyway.  I always do a clean install, never an upgrade.  So there’s backing up to be done first. 🙂

  5. Steven R says:

    I think this time an upgrade would be 100% safe (not like from Tiger to Leopard).

    Snow Leopard is much better than Leopard.

    Much more refined, etc…

    I have a Time Machine external backup drive but fortunately I never had the need to restore something from it.


    Snow Leopard roars, oops, rocks! Really!

  6. My husband upgraded his Mac Pro from Leopard to Snow Leopard.  (It’s his development box, so nothing lives on it, so he had nothing to lose if it didn’t work out.)  That went fine.  So, emboldened, he did it on his MBP, and that blew up in new and interesting ways.  Six hours of recovery later, he was able to then do a fresh install of SL.

    So I’m going to stick with my clean install plan. 🙂  

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