Q&A: What about Entourage EWS and Office:Mac 2008 SP2?

If you're using the Entourage for Web Services beta, do not install SP2. You should continue to use Office 2008 12.1.5.

We're putting the final polish on the bits now, and will have it ready to go soon. When we do, I'll post instructions for what the beta users will need to do to use the final release.

Edited on 17 August 2009: The final version of Entourage for Web Services is now available, so you should update!

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  1. mikejt says:

    Thanks for the quick update on that … I can hardly wait …

  2. mjc says:

    EWS has been a long time coming. Why no update so we can at least stay patch current, especially when the release version will require sp2?

  3. Updating the beta bits requires a lot of work on our end to make them available to you, which takes away from finishing the release.  We decided that we would rather direct those resources at getting the final release out faster.

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