Macworld Expo has new dates

This morning, IDG announced that Macworld Expo is moving to February in 2010.

Personally, I love this announcement. According to the article, one of the main reasons that the date was moved was because "the old January date posed logistic hurdles for developers, who found themselves rushing over the holidays to complete code, ship products to San Francisco, and travel for the trade show".

I gave a talk at Macworld this year, talking about how to collaborate with others using Office 2008. I had the best intentions of getting it done before December 15, but that didn't happen. I had been planning on taking time off during the holidays, especially that week between Christmas and the New Year, but that didn't happen because I needed to finish my presentation. You could tell who else was working for something at Macworld -- we were pretty much the only people in the office or on email that week. For the previous year, when we were on the road to launch Office 2008 at Macworld 2008, the whole office was buzzing throughout December as everyone worked to get it out the door. So having the holiday back will be very nice.

The date change isn't the only one coming for MWSF. The expo floor will be open on Saturday, and will only be open for three days. The Saturday day potentially means that more consumers who can't take a day off from work will be able to attend. For me as an exhibitor, it's one fewer day when I have to work on the show floor. (Don't get me wrong, I love working the show floor, but it's really tiring!)

The article ends with the following statement:

"The date changes won't be the last announcement you hear from Expo organizers, [Paul] Kent[, vice president and general manager of Macworld Expo,] added. "This is the first in a series of announcements that will continue to show how Expo is evolving," he said.

Kudos to Paul for recognising the need to evolve, and for taking the steps necessary to keep Macworld Expo alive. I look forward to hearing more about what changes are coming.

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