new Mac lust

One of the best things about working for MacBU is that I'm surrounded by other Mac geeks. Every hallway conversation so far today has included some discussion of the new Macs. It's awesome to have lots of other people who also really care about sexy new hardware.

My current media server at home is a PPC Mac Mini. Since it now takes 5+ minutes for it to launch iTunes, updating to one of the new Minis is now coming in my near future. So I'll both get to have a computer that can launch iTunes and help stimulate the economy! 🙂

Comments (2)

  1. cax says:

    good on you. I am getting one as well. to be home media server 😉

    only thing I am a bit disappointed is the processor speed :(.

    overall is a nice piece of "art" :).

  2. Chris M says:

    Like the idea of a Mac Mini as a home media, how would I go about setting one of those up. My iTunes library is nearly 100gb big and I’ve love to get it off the MacBook Pro!

    Many thanks for any help in advance!



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