a note about my employer

As I assume is apparent, I work for Microsoft. I'm mostly happy here. The job ain't perfect, but it's not perfect in ways that I can deal with. While I'm mostly happy working for Microsoft, that doesn't mean that I agree with everything done at Microsoft. There's things I don't like.

So, as far as I'm concerned, you can criticise Microsoft to your heart's content. It's not going to hurt my feelings. For that matter, you can make all the jokes you want to about Microsoft, our products, or our leadership. If you're going to share them with me, though, please make them original. I've read /. for more than 10 seconds, so any joke involving chair-throwing is immensely lame. So make the joke, but remember that the bar is higher than the knee-jerk M$ or chair-throwing. Remember, I've been hearing Microsoft jokes for some time now, so you're gonna have to be original. 🙂

In other words, I think that you're an adult and get to have your own opinions. They don't have to match up with mine. I don't expect that everyone else (or anyone else) is going to look at the world in the same way that I do. It's part of the beauty of this spinning ball we call home.

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  1. Michael W. Wellman says:

    Nadyne, if you could go ahead and list all the Microsoft jokes you’ve heard, we’ll be sure not to try any unless they’re new. 😉

    Or, if you prefer, maybe you could just list the funny ones. 😉


  2. Rest assured that if it involves lightbulbs, software quality, or chair-throwing, I’ve heard it.  And whenever someone has a baby, the email that goes out usually announces Baby Version (x), which shipped on time and under budget.  

    However, I will share my favourite MS joke:

    In college, a young man stated his desire to become a great writer.  When asked what he meant, he said, "I want to write things that inspire emotions in people.  I want them to feel anguish, to scream, to cry.  I want to bring the full experience of these emotions to them!"  

    Today, he works for Microsoft, writing error messages.

  3. John F. says:

    Nadyne, check the Adium or Statcounter (for example) blogs: you´ll see that there´s not a single joke or complaint about the companies that make them. And why is that? Surely not because they offer free products (Messenger is free and that isn´t happening), or have comment censorship: they simply deliver great products that work flawlessly.

    So, the solution to stop the jokes (sarcastic complaints) is to improve quality. It may be obvious and not at all simple, I know, but if some small independent company like the guys that make Adium (I swear have nothing to do with them, even I don´t know who they are, I´m just a very happy user) can, I don´t imagine what the biggest software in the world can do.


  4. Well, I do agree that delivering great products is an awesome thing to do,  and will certainly go some way towards helping the issue here, although I’d hesitate to call either of those projects "flawless".

    I also think that it’s very easy to not have a lot of complaints in your blogs when you have very few users, and when you’re not actually a company but simply a single open-source project.  I doubt that the Adium kids get complaints that someone can’t figure out fink, or that Richard Stallman has gone off his rocker again.  

  5. toonnyc says:

    Do you know any good ones about Microsoft and security (or lack thereof)?

  6. John F. says:

    Nadyne… you know perfectly what I´m talking about. Of course there´s not such thing as the perfect piece of software (or hardware or whatever), but even being open-source, you might be aware that Adium (and StatCounter, for that matter) users are very happy with that products (which, btw, is not the Messenger:mac case). That is the point, not if it´s open-source or whatever! It works, and it upgrades (with the risk of bugs that that implies) really fast.

    And don´t underestimate them… it seems to me that right now there might be more Adium than Microsoft Messenger:mac users.

    And even if it´s not like that… just compare how many comments there are in each blog: many more in Adium (and all positive) than in MacMojo (and almost every one of them negative).

    And what makes things worst with your "open-source point", is that they do not have the resources Microsoft has!! (this has been said a million times on MacMojo…). I agree with them, and I guess you also do (although you can´t say it in public, which is fine).

    Besides: believe me, even open-source and with very few or almost no users 😉 like StatCounter or Adium don´t have the need to ask people to stop making fun on them.


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