will Apple give me a netbook?

While I desperately (desperately!) want an updated Mac Mini, the thing that I've been pining for forever is an ultra-lightweight laptop. It's been on my wishlist for every single stinkin' MWSF and WWDC that I've attended since I joined MacBU.

So you can imagine how my heart leapt when I read the following tweet from Macworld magazine, reporting on Apple's quarterly financial results:

Apple on Netbooks: "We're watching that space," but right now the products there are bad. Still, "We've got some ideas." Stay tuned.

Oh, Apple, why must you torture me so? I'd give up my MBP in a heartbeat if you were to give me a real netbook. Sorry, but the MBA is not the netbook I'm looking for. I want something that weighs a maximum of 2.5 pounds and that can fit in my handbag. It would be a supplement to my real Mac, and would be used for travel purposes. It can have a pretty small hard drive because it'll only have a handful of apps and a few documents that I'm currently working on.

Please, guys, bring these ideas to fruition Real Soon Now. My AmEx is sitting next to me, crying out to be used.

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  1. Marck says:

    Used a iPhone or iPod Touch JailBreak are Like a Mac

    maybe you think not but i use for All, Instant Messenger, Email, Documents and much More or wait Apple Want only release

    a Netbook with more powerful hardware

  2. MacManX says:

    Oh, I agree! 🙂

    I commute by train every day and a smart "MacBook Nano" would make the trip a lot more bearable. My 13.3" MacBook is just a little too big to carry around when commuting and an iPhone without a "real" keyboard and large enough screen is definitely not an option.

  3. Gavin says:

    Have you seen the new Sony Vaio P, that was announced at CES? Is that what you’re after (apart from the OS)?!

  4. Chris Green says:

    The running theories I’ve seen is Apple will build on teh iPhone/iPod platform and it will be a locked down platform using the App Store.  That wouldn’t surprise me at all!

  5. Gavin – I have.  I think that Sony’s done a great job in the ultra-lightweight category, they’ve had several in the past few years that IMHO get it right in terms of features and form factor.  Well, I don’t get the point of GPS in it, but that’s pretty minor.  

    Overall, I think that Sony’s done some good things with laptop design lately, and I think that Apple has lagged in that area.  The MBP that I’m carrying today isn’t all that different from the TiBooks.  The new battery found in the 17-inch MBP is the first major design change we’ve seen in an Apple laptop in quite awhile, so hopefully we’ll see something interesting out of them soon.

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