Q&A: What mouse were you using on the demo machines in the Office:Mac booth?

In the weeks before Macworld Expo, it's pretty easy to guess what the majority of the questions are going to be in the booth. Last year, since it was our launch year, 90% of the questions asked "when is it available?" and "where can I get it?" Prep was easy. This year, we knew that we'd get a lot of questions about the Entourage beta, so we were all prepared for those.

But there's always a question that you're not prepared for. This year, the question was: What's that mouse? Microsoft Arc mouse The mouse is the new Microsoft Arc mouse. It's surprisingly eye-catching. When people started playing with it, they said that it was comfortable to use and they really liked it.

The fine folks at Amazon are (as of this writing) selling it for $40. There's also a red version.

I used it all week and think that it might be time to upgrade. My current mouse, a Hello Kitty wireless mouse, is on its last legs -- missing clicks, jumping around. The good thing about my Hello Kitty mouse is that there's no question as to who owns it, and none of my male co-workers would be caught dead using it.  Maybe it's time to try something a little less ... pink.

Comments (2)

  1. Chris Green says:

    It’s a very cool mouse, but until there’s a Bluetooth version it won’t do me any good.  One thing Mac’s do not have enough of is USB ports.  I can’t bog mine down with a USB Mouse Transceiver!!!

  2. mrkgoo says:

    Agreed about the Bluetooth integration. I laughed at the Hello Kitty Mouse. You should have presented using that!

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