year in review

If the boss can write a retrospective, so can I. 🙂 2009 has been an Entourage-filled year for me. At Macworld 2009 in January, we announced Entourage for Web Services. While EWS didn’t get a lot of UI touches, I still got to make some UX improvements, especially with regards to perceived performance. The public…


Q&A: challenges of developing Office:Mac

Another one from the open question thread: What are the main challenges with working on a new version of Office? Rewriting legacy code? Integrating changes made by the Win Office team? Having a limited number of engineers to implement changes? Those are all certainly on the list of challenges that my team faces, although it’s…


Q&A: which version of Entourage should I use with Exchange?

I got this one via email: My company is about to give Exchange accounts to everyone. I have heard that I need a special version of Entourage. What do I do? Since the questioner didn’t use a valid email address, I can’t respond to ask for more details. Remember, folks: if you email me, don’t…


the big boss reviews 2009

Eric Wilfrid, the general manager of MacBU, has posted over at Mac Mojo his year-end round-up: 2009 in review. For those of you who were looking for an update about Messenger:Mac, his post includes that.


Bing app now available for iPhone

My colleagues over on the Bing team released an iPhone app on Monday. This brings the total number of Microsoft apps currently available for the iPhone to three: there’s also the tag reader and Seadragon. I got to see the new Bing app in action before its official release, and the single word that I…


Q&A: Office:Mac and "Mac-like"

I got this question via the open question thread: Would you say that the MacBU is focused on delivering a “Mac-like” Office experience? I would say that we’re focused on delivering the best productivity applications for the Mac. There’s no great definition for “Mac-like”. Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines go some way towards defining that, but…


Macworld Expo 2010 session: Administering Macs in Exchange 2007/2003

I’m giving a talk at Macworld 2010: Administrating Macs in Exchange 2007/2003. This session will cover best practices for Entourage in an Exchange environment, and include tips and how-tos for Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007. This will include troubleshooting, and tips for how to best set up Outlook Web Access (OWA) for Mac users. Since…


Q&A: How do I submit bugs for Office:Mac?

I got this question via email: I am writing you because I have been unable to find a suitable channel into Microsoft for reporting bugs in Microsoft Office mac. Should you experience a crash and the Microsoft crash reporter comes up, please click the “send to Microsoft” button. We analyse the crash reports that come…


Microsoft’s Silicon Valley Campus is ten years old

I noticed an article on Internet News today: Microsoft’s other campus celebrates year ten. Hey, that’s my campus! The article focuses largely on the folks here who work for Microsoft Research, but it skips over plenty of other interesting groups on campus. There’s my part of the Macintosh Business Unit here, where we develop PowerPoint,…


Q&A: how do I become a beta tester for Microsoft’s Mac applications?

From the open question thread comes this question: How do you get into testing Microsoft-Mac software, I have beta tested many Windows programs and was even in the “Butterfly” program. Well, you’re ahead of me, since I have no idea what the Butterfly program is. 🙂 There are two flavours of beta: public and private….