an interview with one of our senior managers

I'm supposed to be working on my Macworld Expo presentation, but instead I'm linking you guys to an interview with Jake Hoelter. Jake is the Product Unit Manager for the half of MacBU that lives at the Silicon Valley Lab.

Jake came to us by way of Connectix, which lots of you will remember for Virtual PC. Since the acquisition, Jake has worked his way up the ranks. Now, he's second only to Eric Wilfrid, our brand-spankin'-new General Manager.

Looking around the leadership of MacBU, I like what I see. Eric has been with MacBU since its inception, and hasn't left (other than a sabbatical this summer). Geoff Price, Jake's counterpart for MacBU-Redmond, has been with MacBU since 1998. We've got lots of people who have been with MacBU since it was founded, and others of us who weren't old enough to be here (I had just completed my first undergrad in 1998) at the beginning but have spent our whole Microsoft careers here.

Bring on 2009! Hmmmm, I wonder if we might have anything interesting to say next week ...

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