an interview with one of our senior Entourage developers

Getting caught up today, I noticed that Microspotting has done an interview with Dan Wittmer, one of our senior Entourage developers. In a Swiss skater on loving Macs and working at Microsoft, Dan talks about skating, surfing before work, and being a Mac guy at Microsoft. Those pictures of Dan are taken in his office here in Mountain View.

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  1. geoscinc says:

    I hope he can fix the 8.0 problem entourage has on the mac!  I can’t even use this new version – it keeps on having ‘sync problems’ and crashes!

  2. Have you called tech support to try to figure out what’s going on?  If you bought a retail copy of Office 2008, you get two or three (sorry, can’t remember exactly which) free calls to tech support.

    Alternately, you can post to the Entourage public newsgroups to see if someone there can help you:

    Since I’m not sure what you’re talking about when you reference the "8.0 problem", I can’t provide any better guidance than tech support and the public newsgroups.

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