MacBU has a new GM!

I have good news and bad news to share today. First, the bad news. Craig Eisler, MacBU General Manager, has accepted a promotion within Microsoft. While I’m going to hugely miss him, I know that he’s going to do some great things, and I’m really pleased to have been able to work with him for…


Office 12.1.4 available now

Today, we have made Office 12.1.4 available. For a small number of customers, the 12.1.3 update that we released a couple of weeks ago broke their ability to send and respond to Exchange invitations. When the first reports of the problem started coming in, the Entourage team buckled down to track down the issue and…


give to charity and you could win Office:Mac 2008

Here at Microsoft, October is our annual giving campaign. It seems we’re not the only ones to spend our October thinking about others: MacLife magazine is participating in the Blogger Challenge. If you donate as little as $1, you’ll be entered to win one of their many prizes — and they’ve got Office:Mac 2008…


the risks and rewards of fixing bugs

My colleage Schwieb, one of our senior developers, put up an awesome post today titled Risks and Rewards. It’s about the decision-making process involved in making changes to our existing apps, as well as discussing the long-running Spaces issue. It’s a lengthy post, but there’s a lot of meat in there.  If you’re interested in…


OOPSLA 2008 day one – archaeology, response to Fred Brooks

Tuesday officially began OOPSLA 2008. The day started off with a keynote from Mark Lehner, an archaeologist who found, after being invited to talk at OOPSLA, surprising parallels between his work in Egypt and reading about Grady Booch’s work. I found his talk to be quite illuminating, both in terms of Egypt and how we…


OOPSLA 2008 day zero – Greek gods and goddesses

Today is the day before OOPSLA officially begins. Tutorials and workshops are going on today, with the technical program starting tomorrow. I’m here for the Welcome Reception tonight, during which the posters are on display, and the first round of the Student Research Competition is conducted. As I picked up my registration materials this morning,…


Office 2008 12.1.3 and Office 2004 11.5.2 available now

This is probably going to get lost in all of the discussion of the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros, but just in case you feel like taking a break from all of that, Update Tuesday has delivered new updates to Office 2008 and Office 2004. Office 2008 12.1.3 has suite-wide improvements in performance, stability, and…


Q&A: How did you come to join MacBU?

I recently was asked how I came to be here. I thought that I’d answered this question before, but I couldn’t find it in the archives. Since tomorrow is the third anniversary of this blog (and my third anniversary of working for Microsoft was last Friday), it seems like a good time to address this…


Nadyne @ OOPSLA 2008

Serving as Development Chair for OOPSLA gave me lots of opportunities to see the plan for OOPSLA as it was being put together, and I’m really excited to be able to be in Nashville for it. My schedule for OOPSLA looks like this: attend Rebecca Wirfs-Brock’s tutorial “The Art of Telling Your Design Story” on…


share and enjoy

In case any of you aren’t reading the posts over at Mac Mojo, I wrote a new post there yesterday titled “share and enjoy” about how folks here in MacBU share our expertise with other Mac developers in Microsoft.