the iPhone heartbreak of the business traveller

Today was a bad day to spend eight-plus hours in the air. As I was leaving my East Coast hotel room at 6am, I saw that Software Update had popped up to let me know that iTunes 7.7 was available. I didn't have the time to download it then. By the time that I had gotten to the airport and cleared security, my Twitter list and email had absolutely exploded with people talking about the iPhone 2.0 firmware and the apps available and how cool everything was and that I was the biggest loser in the world for not having it yet (okay, the latter wasn't expressly stated, but it was implied). I sat in IAD, and later SAN, helplessly watching all of the coolness go by. By the time that I got home, Twitter had calmed down -- presumably everyone was off playing Super Monkey Ball.

The geek pain of being so many hours behind the curve is immeasurable.

Comments (3)

  1. YOu couldn’t see it, and that’s probably for the best, but I was SO doing my "Geekier than you, I got it and you didn’t" dance.

  2. I left for an international business trip that day and I decided not to mess with a working device  right before that. Glad I did because my twitter was filled with frustrated bricked delayed and otherwise messed up iPhone users. I didn’t need that to happen right before I left!!!

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