Messenger 7.0.1 available now

Lots of new stuff headed your way. The latest release is Messenger 7.0.1, with improvements to VoiceOver support and fixing some language support issues. Go forth and download.

Hmmmm, with all of these releases, I wonder if there's something more to come, just to make sure that everything's updated ...

Comments (5)

  1. Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac 2 is out of beta and available today!

  2. Enrique Garcia says:

    Yes we noticed… however you will only hear our cheers when AV support comes in.  I have read the issues behind the ‘delay’ and accept them as valid, so I am not complaining (for the time being).

    Thanks for the very good work that has been taking place recently on the MacBU.

  3. You’re not the only one who will be cheering — those of us who work on Messenger will also be cheering.  It’ll be a huge weight off of our shoulders!

  4. Messenger me says:

    Still waiting for the same features of the Windows version. In the meanwhile, Adium X is far way better.

    Thank you.

  5. If you’re curious about the roadmap for Messenger, we’ve posted quite a lot of detail at Mac Mojo:

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