Nadyne @ Silicon Valley MUG, Monday, 16 June 2008

Continuing my tour of Bay Area MUGs, I'll be giving a demo of Office 2008 at Silicon Valley MUG on Monday, 16 June 2008. Their webpage doesn't list me yet, but I just got email from them confirming my demo.

The Silicon Valley MUG is one of the niftiest MUGs to present at, since their meetings are right on Apple campus. Visiting Apple campus is always a good feeling, and it's even better when I'm there to talk about my apps. 🙂

SVMUG meetings are open to the public, so you can come and see my splendid demo skills, and ask questions of a real live MacBU employee in the flesh. Just please don't ask pivot table questions -- I have to admit, I have been entirely unsuccessful in wrapping my head around that concept, and I feel immensely guilty about it.

If you're in the Bay, want to see an Office demo, but Monday the 16th isn't good for you, I'm also showing off my demo skills at the Stanford MUG on Monday, 02 June 2008. Their location is the Stanford Linear Accelerator Centre, which isn't all that shabby of a location either!

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