accessing Exchange 2007 from your Mac

I can't believe I haven't posted these links yet!

One of the authors over at has posted a pair of articles about accessing Exchange 2007 from your Mac: part one (covering Mail and OWA) and part two (covering Entourage 2004). The article features lots of screenshots, so it's a great walkthrough of getting set up with the latest version of Exchange.

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  1. hohenja says:

    Just wondering when Entourage will get MAPI.  From the fragments of what’s been revealed online and from the general lack of Entourage 2008 coverage, I’m going to say that FULL EXCHANGE folder support via MAPI is not going to happen in Mac:Office 2008.

    Which makes me wonder WHEN MAPI support will be added.  Not everyone has the funds to keep up with the latest releases, so full Exchange 2003 support would be nice too.

    All I want is Mac:Outlook 2008.



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