RDC for Mac 2.0 public beta (rev 2) now available

You asked, we answered. We have updated our public beta of RDC for Mac 2.0. The single biggest change that some of y’all will notice is that we have improved support for having connections to multiple machines open at once. Hope you like it; submit feedback via Connect if you have any suggestions or if…


the giving campaign

Every October, Microsoft sponsors a Giving Campaign. Employees are encouraged to donate to charities, either with money or by volunteering their time. For many charities, Microsoft matches the donation made by the employee. If you volunteer your time, then the Microsoft match is a cash match, $17 per hour. We’ve just completed the annual Giving…


Office 2008 wins Best of Show at MacLife Expo 2007

Several members of the Office:Mac team were at Mac Live Expo last week. At that show, Office 2008 received a Macworld UK Best of Show award. See you at Macworld Expo in January!


OOPSLA 2008: 19-23 October, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Looking over my blog referrals, I noticed that I’ve gotten a lot of hits lately for the search term ‘oopsla 2008’. So let’s give some real information. OOPSLA 2008 will be held in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, from 19 through 23 October 2008. The OOPSLA 2008 website will go live later; I’ll post here when it’s…


OOPSLA 2007 Student Research Competition winners

After its remarkable success in previous years, OOPSLA has again hosted an ACM Student Research Competition. The competition, sponsored by Microsoft Research, offers a unique forum for students to present their original research at top ACM conferences before a panel of judges and attendees. We received 20 submissions to the OOPSLA 2007 Student Research Competition….


great day at OOPSLA

Today has been a great day at OOPSLA. I’m so glad that I came this year. The day started off with Fred Brooks talking about collaboration in design. I am an unabashed fan of Fred Brooks, so there was no chance of me missing his talk. He has to be one of the most amazing…


women of OOPSLA birds of a feather meeting tonight!

Tonight, I’m leading a birds-of-a-feather meeting for the women of OOPSLA. It will be held tonight, beginning at 5pm, in room 512F. We’ll talk about our experiences at OOPSLA and as technical women. How do we get more women interested in computer science? How can we get more women to attend OOPSLA? See you there!


best non-Apple laptop?

When I attend conferences like OOPSLA, I’m a laptop watcher. It’s interesting to see what hardware everyone is carrying. This year, I’m noticing the Windows-based laptops. There are a lot of nice-looking designs out there. I keep on noticing, and being jealous of, the ultra-light laptops that I’m seeing. In the midst of this, I…


Mac user group @ OOPSLA – Tuesday, 5pm-7pm

One of my favourite parts about OOPSLA are the Birds of a Feather (BOF) meetings. These are informal meetings set up by anyone at OOPSLA. Take over a room for a night and talk about whatever you want to. I’ve set up a BOF for Mac users at OOPSLA. It will be on Tuesday from…


Twitter @ OOPSLA

For those of you who are here with me at OOPSLA, or who wish you were here with me at OOPSLA, you can follow OOPSLA on Twitter. You can view the tweets from those that OOPSLA is following (which is anyone who is following it) here. For those of you who are following OOPSLA, you…