RDC v2 public beta coming

Over on Mac Mojo, the new boss has made an announcement near and dear to my heart. We announced at WWDC 2006 that we're working on an update to Remote Desktop Connection. Today, the boss announced that the public beta of RDC v2 is coming.  RDC v2 has some of our top feature requests. The most important of these new feature requests is that it is a Universal Binary. (It's not MacBU's first UB; that honour went to Messenger 6.)

RDC is an immensely useful little app. It makes my working life much happier. I've got a Windows box at the office. It sits headless under my desk, pushed far back in the corner (out of sight, out of mind). I access it only through RDC. I don't think that I've had a monitor plugged into it since my second day or so. I've been using daily builds of RDCv2 for awhile now, and I'm really pleased with it. It's a beta, so we still have some work to do on it, but I think you'll like what you see.

The beta of RDC v2, as well as beta2 for our file format converters (with bug fixes and support for .pptx files) is coming in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned ...

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  1. Many of you have asked about a revised version of the Mac Remote Desktop Connection client. The Mac team

  2. Pessoal, no final deste mês deve ser disponibilizada a nova versão do RDC para Mac. Alívio para quem

  3. Ronald Meij says:

    I’ll really like to know when there is an official release date for this application.

    The release of RDC should allready been updated to an universal binary.

    if you would like the mac users to be open minded about windows the least the should do is keep applications like RDC compatibel and as good as possible.

    Ronald Meij

  4. Ronald – As we announced on our team blog, we will release a beta edition of RDC v2 this week.  I’m planning on posting to Mac Mojo <http://blogs.msdn.com/macmojo/&gt; (the MacBU team blog) about some of the work that we’ve done on RDC v2 to make it more compatible and more Mac-like.  I’m on vacation right now, so I’m planning on posting it when I get back into my office later this week.

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