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One of my favourite Mac apps is Delicious Library. It's got a great UI, and it fills a big need for me. It's got a couple of easter eggs that make me love it even more -- I won't ruin the surprise, but you do have to have the 'Speak scanned titles' pref turned on.

There's a post over at Theocacao today with some Delicious Library v2 features: A few Delicious Library 2 secrets. Delicious Library 2 will have better web integration, so when I finally get done scanning, you can go through my CD library and laugh at some of the items I have. There's also iTunes integration coming, which really makes me happy -- this is a natural extension for Delicious Library.

I wonder if I should step up my scanning efforts and try to get everything into Delicious Library now so that it's all ready to import, or slow down and wait to scan them into the new version. Hmmmm.

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  1. Robert Mohns says:

    Sounds like they *still* aren’t adding the ability to search on the description field — you know, the one that can import from Amazon, or contain user-entered data.

    This is hugely frustrating.  My wife and I both use the same Library to catalogue our books.  If I want to search her religion texts for "Gnostic", I only get results for books with "Gnostic" in the title — if it’s in the description instead, it doesn’t come up.

    Delicious Library is delicious in most ways, but they’ve yet to fix this basic flaw.  (Yes, I’ve tried to contact them about it.  Their email appears to be a black hole.)

  2. That was just a teaser post, and doesn’t contain their full feature list.  I don’t know whether it will be in there, but I’m not treating that small post as a complete feature list.

  3. Step says:

    From all reports, DL is actually amazing about responding to emails, usually with a personally written response instead of form answers.  This is the first I’ve heard of their email being a black hole – you might want to try again.

  4. michael says:

    "step up"… implies progress. Or at least commencement.

    I’ve met glaciers that have exhibited more progress in their existence than you have made on your DL library.

    What is most odd, is that somehow your DL library sprang into existence one day when there was 2 whole states between you and your CD collection (and the library computer). 🙂

  5. Mike Lee says:

    To clear up some confusion, the in-app filter doesn’t work on description because it contains too much junk data and bogs down the filtering process.

    If you want to search your descriptions, bust out the heaver hitter—Spotlight.

    I don’t get the black hole thing either, but things happen, so who knows.

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