UX positions open in MacBU

While I'm at CHI next week, one of my many goals is to find interesting and interested candidates for our open positions here in the User Experience group in MacBU. Right now, we're looking for two types of people: User Experience Lead and User Experience Researcher.

We're expanding our User Experience team. Working here offers you a high degree of ownership of the user experience of technically challenging and market leading products. You'll have an opportunity to build great software experiences for the passionate Mac audience, to have a large impact on the way millions of Mac users around the world work, and to be a part of the largest dedicated Macintosh development team outside of Apple.

What do I like about working here? The list is pretty lengthy, but two really stand out for me.

The sense of ownership is incredible. Since MacBU is such a small group, your scope is massive. Unlike larger UX groups, you won't own a single feature or feature area. You'll own a whole application. It's a huge responsibility, and it's humbling.

I haven't experienced passion like this before. MacBU has a lot of passion. We're all Mac users, and we really care about the platform and about our apps. Mac users have the same passion. Going to Macworld Expo, or speaking at a MUG, is a fantastic experience. You get to meet people who live and breathe their Macs. They all have a lot of opinions (a side effect of a high level of passion), and they'll tell you them for as long as you'll listen. There's a lot to be learned.

If working here in MacBU sounds like something you're interested in, track me down at CHI. I'll be at the job fair, or we can meet up for coffee so that you can get some idea of what we're looking for and what it's like to work in MacBU. If you won't be at CHI, email me (and remember that I'm out of the office with limited time for email, so it might take me an extra couple of days to get back to you).

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  1. if you’re interested in what I look like, look for the woman in the peach top in the reception pics

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