One of the coolest parts of my job (and there are many) is meeting our customers.  I've been lucky enough to build up a relationship with some of them, chatting with them at Apple events, visiting them when I'm doing user studies, emailing and IMing (Messengering?) betweentimes.  

This morning, I recieved an IM from one of our customers saying that his son had entered the world.  He tried to convince me that he named his son Entourage, but finally admitted that smarter heads prevailed and that his son is named Elijah.

Welcome to the world, Elijah.  Your dad's a pretty smart guy, but listen to your mom when it's time to name your first goldfish. 

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  1. Andy K says:

    I hope he Excels at everything he does.

    Thank you, thank you.. I’ll be here all week

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