from the depths of despair

Right after yesterday's Stevenote, I was standing in the Moscone Centre with a bunch of my fellow MacBU members (MacBUers? I don't think we've got a good collective noun for ourselves). My manager asked me what I thought of the UX of the new iPhone. I told him that the first thing that I noticed was the scrolling on it. He hadn't noticed it and said that he thought that it was the same as he was used to on standard Mac applications. 'No, no,' I told him, 'he was pushing up to scroll down'.

After I got back from the Macworld Blast party last night (ears still ringing from Cheap Trick), I scrolled through my RSS reader to see what the buzz was like. It turns out that someone from the Cult of Mac blog overheard me talking to my co-workers. Heh. I hope I didn't sound like my wrist was stapled to my forehead! My only despair would be that my manager didn't notice the scrolling during the demo.

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  1. PatrickQG says:

    I read "he was pushing up" and thought "what the hell? surely she’s lost her sanity…", but then actually thought back to the video and realised you’re (of course) correct.

    I guess it’s not really scrolling, it’s dragging the pane up to see the rest, like say google maps or, um, something else similar to google maps (acrobat reader maybe?). I wonder if that

  2. Oh, you assume that I ever had sanity.  How cute! 😉

  3. Asam Bashir says:

    Yah, I read that on Cult of Mac and immediately thought it would be you with your user-experience thing – then I saw the shots of the Word demo and you know what, it sucks, it looks like some webpage rather then a proper Mac  application. You have broken so many Apple HI rules, what are you thinking putting tools in the actual page of the document rather then where they’re supposed to be, the toolbar, like in the finder. Why have you broken this rule and made yourself look different, and uglier, then every other Mac application. From what I’ve seen, it seems you’ve tried to use ideas from the iTunes web-kit interface and tried to use it for Office, and you’ve got it all wrong, again.

    And the tool box’s, they look like mini applications and not like proper tools at all – it’s just plain ugly – why doesn’t Microsoft ever get that Mac users don’t want these fat ugly borders with non-functional use of transparancy.

    I am really disappointed with the Word interface, it’s like 20 steps backwards now especially after seeing the iPhone GUI.

    I could offer some ideas for collective nouns – hey, maybe you can make it into a competition on MacMojo?

  4. Tony C says:

    That’s fascinating! I hadn’t noticed till i read this, so i watched it over and there it was. I guess that now leaves me considering which is a more correct paradigm??

    Well spotted though, you have a very keen eye.  😉

  5. Paul Berkowitz says:

    "a bunch of my fellow MacBU members (MacBUers? I don’t think we’ve got a good collective noun for ourselves)."

    If you dare – MacBUms?

    (And nice to see you there too…)

  6. some comments about the UX of the iPhone, as demoed last week

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