I got my Mac mojo working

Because I love you guys, I'm going to post a pre-announce. Tomorrow, we're launching a new MacBU team blog: Mac Mojo. Mac Mojo has a team of ~10 bloggers. Five of the bloggers are the existing MacBU bloggers (that's me, Brian Johnson, Rick Schaut, Erik Schwiebert, and David Weiss), and we signed up several other people who haven't blogged before. One of our new bloggers is Roz Ho, the General Manager of MacBU. I'll let the rest of the new bloggers out themselves on the new blog.

Before anyone asks, my participation in the group blog shouldn't have an impact on this blog. I've been posting at least a couple of times per week here. Since the other blog is a team blog, I'm not going to run over the other guys with all that content! I'm undecided about whether I'll post content both here and in the team here.

(And in case you're curious, the title of this blog post is shamelessly lifted from The Zombies.)

Comments (6)

  1. Liz Garlinge says:

    Oooh, an exclusive!  Did you have a laser pointer pen when you wrote this?  Seriously though, I shall be checking in.  As a fledglinge Office:Mac user I’m very interested in the brains behind the app.

  2. Rick Schaut says:

    Actually, Preston Foster wrote the song, and Muddy Waters performed it quite likely before any of the members of the Zombies had gotten out of their diapers.

  3. I was wondering how long it would take someone to notice that!  But it’s where I learned it first, so even with the knowledge that they weren’t the first to record it (Ann Cole gets that honour, at least according to Wikipedia), it wasn’t enough to stop me from having the Zombies song stuck in my head ever since we selected that name.

  4. Mike says:

    Love the design!

  5. Asam Bashir says:

    Oh cool, group blogging, can we do some fun stuff like group hugs as well he-he hey why don’t you make a section for Microsoft customers to suggest ideas for applications they would like to see being developed by MacBU, then maybe MS developers can make comments as to the technical feasabilty of such ideas or the technical limits of developement ability….

  6. Asam – As a general statement, we can’t make specific comments about future work, including both features that might be a part of a future release or new software that might be a future offering.  

    The technical question is not the only part of the equation when we’re considering a new feature or new product.  We have to seriously consider whether the market needs a solution from us in this space.  Can our devs do it?  Sure.  Does it make sense for them to do it?  That’s a better question.  

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