more accessories for my blackbook

I'm not one of those people who dresses up my cat. No, instead I pour my energy into dressing up my geek goodies.

My old messenger bag (a Hello Kitty one) has finally given up the ghost. Last night, the evil temptress that is eBags convinced me to buy two replacements: one in turquoise silk brocade for everyday use, and a big purple messenger bag for my frequent travels. I couldn't put my ultra-cool BlackBook into just any old boring bag, could I?

But a messenger bag really isn't all that interesting in the grand scheme of things, no matter how much they warm my little geek heart. It doesn't involve paint or a buzzsaw. Another BlackBook owner, armed with some paint, painted his power supply to match his new laptop. Another geek with an iPod has taken an old MacPlus and turned them into a do-it-yourself iPod HiFi. I have to admit that I'm quite tempted by both of these. I'm quite sure I could come up with a MacPlus somewhere ...

Comments (2)

  1. Brenthaven.

    Not terribly imaginative, but you almost have to set them on FIRE to get them to show signs of wear.

    Harvey Stone’s demo is the best.

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