spare the air

Today is a Spare the Air day in the Bay Area. Public transit on most (all?) of the local public transit providers is free. Even though we've got a bunch of solar panels providing some of our electricity, we've also turned off the lights in most common areas and turned up the temperature. (Don't worry, I'm not going to get hurt in the dark. We've got lots of windows, so it's not that dark.)

I like that Microsoft seems to be doing a lot to be a more environmentally-friendly company. Aside from the solar panels here, we do a massive amount of recycling. Microsoft gives me commuter cheques to encourage me to take the bus. There's carpool incentives. Thanks, guys, for being a good corporate citizen.

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  1. Yesterday I was relecting on the irony of biking to work to cut down on car emissions, and then as soon as I got in cranking the A/C because I was so bloody hot (even after showering).

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