One of my favourite pastimes as a member of the MacBU has been collecting conspiracy theories. As a result of the Boot Camp announcement, I've got a new favourite conspiracy theory. There is no Vista, someone claimed. Steve's gonna announce that they've been partnering with Microsoft all along, and Leopard actually is Vista. Now, I suppose I should say that, since I'm not the CEO of either Apple or Microsoft, I really don't know if this is true. But I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that my gut feeling is that those betas that we've seen of Vista aren't part of some massive cover-up. But you never know. I could be wrong. (And now the conspiracy theorists can say, 'but someone from MacBU said it was a possibility!'. Knock yourselves out.)

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  1. dispensa says:

    I love how "Steve" apparently defaults to "Jobs" for you, and not "Ballmer". 🙂

  2. I’ve noticed that Microsoft people tend to refer to various execs by their email alias.  So Bill Gates is ‘BillG’, Steve Ballmer is ‘SteveB’, and Lisa Brummel is ‘LisaB’.  Which is convenient for me, it means that I don’t have to feel bad about automatically thinking ‘Jobs’ when someone says ‘Steve’.  🙂

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