I'm a user research engineer in the Macintosh Business Unit of Microsoft. This is my seventh day on the job, so don't expect me to know anything interesting just yet.

I'm a relative newcomer to the Mac. I bought my first Mac (a Powerbook) three years ago. I switched because I could have both gorgeous UI and all of the power of Unix available whenever I want it. I haven't looked back. I'm very pleased that my personal interest in Mac and my professional interest in usability have come together in my new job.

The intent of this blog is mostly to maintain notes on what I read that's relevant to my job. This might include articles from academic journals, or books, or even comments on news, blogs, and rumour sites. My interests include all things Apple, usability and user research, scenarios and personas, office suites, and object-oriented programming.

(Oh, and in case you care ... the title of this blog is shamelessly 'borrowed' from the latest MacBU t-shirts.)

Comments (3)

  1. Cortig says:

    Hi Nadyne :-))

    I’m looking forward to reading your future posts. ‘Always happy to see more MacBU bloggers :-))


  2. Artem says:


    wanted to ask you some questions: are you somehow involved with Office:mac? And if yes, can you shed some light on future Office:mac and it’s relations with Windows version and especially Ribbon UI?

  3. Craig Anslow says:

    congrats on your new job! I see you are SV Chair at OOPSLA 2006. I may make it in 2006.

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