SharePoint 2013 Search Query Tool Released on codeplex

The Search Query Tool is a project I have been working on for a while now. And finally, I have reached the phase where it goes out to the world.


This tool helps you understand and learn how the available parameters on the Search REST service should be formatted.


What does this tool offer:

  • Issue HTTP GET or POST search queries.
  • See how the different Query parameters are formatted.
  • Authenticate using different users to debug security trimming issues.
  • Use against your tenant on SharePoint Online and authenticate using your SPO User ID.



Go get it from:





Big thanks go to my colleagues Dan Gøran Lunde and Murad Sæter for all the cool ideas and support.

As always, Enjoy! 

Comments (5)

  1. Really a great tool, this tool will help us to debug the search related issues very quickly.

    Thank you Nadeem for providing this tool.

  2. Awesome tool!  Thank you much for your dedication.

     However, I think I found a bug.  

    When selecting: "XML" for output, it gets an error.  

    Also, it seems like the scope param has not been in the form.  How do I filter only to a specific fileshare folder or a URL?



  3. Thanks a lot for this tool, great stuff!

  4. Thanks for this. It's really useful. Great tool.

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