The young (ISV) doesn’t always supplant the old

What keeps established software companies in their position in the face of competition from startups?   I have an interesting perspective. Before joining Microsoft, I was the CTO, alternately, of a rag-tag startup and an established, market-leading enterprise ISV.   There are a lot of reasons people stick with an ISV, institutional experience, branding, migration…


How (not) to build a successful ISV

Admit it, you have thought about starting a technology company. Well, before joining Microsoft I left my job as a CTO of a medium sized ISV to bring to market and idea that I had. My product was the subject of articles in RFID Journal, Internet Retailer, won some awards, including one from Microsoft, and made…


New Workflow Beta, hands-on labs, SDK and Visual Studio Extensions

We released Beta 2 of Windows Workflow Foundation. The package includes Extensions for Visual Studio 2005, runtime and SDK. There are also new hands-on labs available. Enjoy English Page Install Guide ReadMe German Page Install Guide ReadMe Japanese Page Install Guide ReadMe Labs Page