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I am new to Microsoft. I joined as a Release Manager in the Connected Systems Division on September 19th 2005. Prior to that I ran my own software ISV named Sapago. I am also the former CTO of software ISV Ecometry Corporation and corporate CIO. In July of this year I won "Best in Show" Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference and also received a call from a recruiter at Microsoft who said the company wanted to talk about me joining Microsoft.


I have been blogging for some time. My web site can be found at and my legacy blog can be found at


The goals of the blog remain the same even if the location changes. I use the site & blog to connect with former friends and coworkers. Recently, a guy who was my best friend when I was 10-12 years of age found my blog and web site through a search engine and we have used it to reconnect. What a great example the value of the technology. I also use the site and blog to share my thoughts on software and technology and things of professional interest. I also hope to be able to provide some useful information for those considering a career with Microsoft and for those adjusting to life as a Microsoftie.

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  1. anandi says:

    Welcome to Microsoft! I’m interested in hearing your thoughts about what it’s like to work here after running your own company 🙂

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