List of eligible countries on Windows Phone Dev Center

Find your country in the below list and check whether you can register a developer account in your country on the Windows Phone Dev center or not. Then, check the corresponding Payout; if it is set to Yes then your registered account support paid apps (i.e. you can reclaim your money)   Country/Region Registration Payout…


Instructions on how to Migrate your Yalla Apps account to Windows Dev Center

According to Yalla Apps’ blog post, you can now migrate your Yalla Apps account to Dev Center for free. Here’s the full post from Yalla Apps: Microsoft is expanding the availability of the Dev Center (formerly App Hub) and you can check if your country is now available on Dev Center here. If your country is listed…


How to develop a Windows Phone app in 30 days

    I have run into this website that walks you through Windows Phone app development in a 4 week time frame. Starting from downloading the tools, building and designing your app, including some guidelines on porting your apps from iOS and Android up till the publishing your app to the marketplace.   Here’s a link…


XNA Slide Deck and Demoes

As per your requests kindly find attached XNA Slide Deck and Demoes 🙂     [Please read the DISCLAIMER for this blog here.] XNA-WinPhone


Arabic Video Tutorial on Angry Birds-like App Development by Mahmoud Manasrah

Mahmoud Manasrah, our Windows Phone Community Champ from Jordan, has delivered an amazing session in ARABIC on How to make an Angry Birds like App on Windows Phone.   Enjoy :).   [Please read the DISCLAIMER for this blog here.]  


SharePoint 2010 and Windows Phone 7 Training Course

We have always been discussing Windows Phone integration capabilities with SharePoint 2010. You may download an offline training kit that would help you developers to create your own custom applications on the phone that leverage SharePoint 2010 data and services. This training course will take you through the process of creating your custom Windows Phone…


Basic Design Principles for Windows Phone using Expression Blend with SketchFlow

“In this ToolBox module you discover principles of good UX design. You also discover how to start and build your prototype using the SketchFlow Template for Windows Phone. Along the way, you find out how to add sample data, and customize the look and feel of your data. You also find out how to add…


Windows Phone Marketplace… Publishing in a nutshell

In cooperation with Hosam Kamel, a Microsoft Developer Evangelist Specialist,and the DPE team in Egypt, we have prepared this nice step by step guide on howto avoid common errors when publishing your Windows Phone apps to the Marketplace.Check it out!! Quoting Sherif Abbas, Microsoft Egypt’s DPE Lead: “We have developed this guide in essence of…