Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Roadmap

Finally, I managed to put the time to complete the updated version of the Window Phone 8.0 Developer Roadmap and compile the Windows Phone 8.1 version of it. For those of you who are new to such developer roadmaps, it’s simply a compilation of lots of Windows Phone 8.1 developer resources represented in hyperlinks with…


Workaround to adding Service Reference to Windows Phone 8.1 (Runtime app)

I’ve got lots of queries recently from fellow developers about their inability to consume WCF services from Windows Phone 8.1 Runtime app. Apparently, adding a service reference (for WCF Services) to the project via Visual Studio is currently available for Windows Phone 8.0, Windows Phone 8.1 Silverlight and Windows 8.1 projects but not for Windows…


Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Resources (JumpStart + //Build/ + Code Samples)

->Download Windows Phone 8.1 SDK from here. ->Windows Phone 8.1 Code Samples ->Jumpstart sessions are great sessions that help get devs on the right track to get started developing for Windows Phone 8.1 If you already registered to Jump Start sessions by Andy Wigley and Matthias Shapiro,  you will be able to download these…


Windows Phone 8 Learning Roadmap

I was asked by a lot of developers to compile a learning roadmap regarding Windows Phone 8 Development. I compiled lots of Windows Phone 8 Developer resources in 1 Slide that should help you get started with the platform (Learning, Porting, Designing, Building, Testing, Publishing, and Monetizing your app) So the Developer Roadmap is simply…


10 Online Sessions for Windows Phone 8 Development

I am planning to run 10 online sessions for Windows Phone 8 Development. If you are new to Windows Phone 8 development these series of sessions are a good start for you. Experienced? it’s no waste of time to attend some of the sessions or ask me the questions you want about the topic you…


Download Free Windows Phone Quality Checklist

“How do you define ‘quality’?” That was my question in one of my sessions to some great developers from Middle East & Africa region. “Simple Design”, “Great functionality”, “More options”, “Bug Free” were some of many right answers that I got from the developers. I couldn’t really debate most of the answers. They were right….


FREE Windows Phone 8 Devices for Testing

Our developers have encountered some issues regarding testing their Windows Phone 8 apps either because their PCs lack the required specs to run the emulator or the lack of devices to test their apps. I found a solution that should ease the pain and help us overcome such a challenge to an extent. Nokia promotes…


Download SharePoint SDK for Windows Phone 8 + Free Developer Resources

If you are interested in developing Windows Phone 8 apps that would connect to SharePoint 2013. I’d like to announce that Microsoft released SharePoint 2013 SDK for Windows Phone 8. Install the tools: 1. Prerequisite: Make sure you have the Windows Phone 8 Developer tools installed on your PC. 2. Download and install Microsoft SharePoint…


Free download to Windows Phone 8 offline documentation

Let me share with you the latest tip I learned about Visual Studio 2012 when I was attending some training in Amsterdam last January. Now you can download all MSDN documentations OFFLINE on your machine so that you can browse/search them so easily without having to be online. It’s a very useful tool that offers…